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General Forum Rules

Post by Admin on October 14th 2011, 8:07 pm

NOTE - This is viewable to all who visit.  If you agree to General Rules please (1) Reply to >ThisThread< with your Forum Name in advance. (2) Register to Join; I will Activate you (usually within 24 Hours).

Newly Activated Members must then return within 1 Week and "sign" all required threads.  If not, membership will be deactivated.

Though this forum is not a typical (social) group, I require a few things please. Also, as I learn more about creating and/or managing ForuMotion, I might change things here.

*  We  Crying or Very sad frown on snagging.  Do not snag same-name tags that you did not request - this goes for both the Always List and the WWOs area.  I want my Members to be able to be the person that 'gifts' their requested tags.  If you and another member request the same name, then the person that happens to save theirs first "wins" I guess.  >> ASK << the Member that originally requested the tag if you can snag it - that is the polite thing to do.  I love you

*  Updated August 2013 ... Members must be at least 17 Years of age.  While we are all of adult age, the content of the Group is not "Adult Rated", to a certain extent.  I am a modest person so my Tags are the same; though sometimes a little sexy.  Definitely no f-bombs or disrespectful language in the Group.

*  Avatars must be AVATAR 150x200, 64kbs Maximum.  Do not use signature tags.   If a tag is used, it will be deleted.   Embarassed Some are forgetting this one.
>> New Feb. 14,2012 ... You may use one of your Personal Photographs.  No other photos may be used.
>> Avatars containing Copyrighted/Trademarked material will be removed (Cartoons, Disney, Hello Kitty, etc., etc.).

*  NO tags or graphics are allowed in your posts. Sorry - I don't want to police the group for proper crediting.  On the General Board there are specific threads where you may use tags made by me.

* I have vision issues and colors often bother my eyes - especially on the colored backgrounds. When you post, the automatic text color will be BLACK - do not change to any other color. Thank you ever so much for your understanding. :cry:I will delete your posts ... too many warnings and you will be removed.  Embarassed

* If I'm suddenly away without first posting a notice then something unexpected might have happened. Could be anything ... family; PC trouble; internet trouble, etc.

* Whenever a Date and/or Time is used, it will be PACIFIC TIME (which is Forum's Time).

* No promoting; no linking; no spam; no drama; mind your manners; be nice.  Do not "spam" Members through PM either.  Anyone doing this will be banned.  

* You won't find much chit-chat or other "fluff" here to participate in.  If you are on the Always List, you must post a minimum of Once Per Month. 

* August 2013 ... Accounts are subject to Deactivation at 30 Days.  If you wish to remain, you must return to the Forum and post within one week or you may then be Removed.

* Violation of Rules may get you removed.  Crying or Very sad

That should cover it. Thank you very much.  I look forward to making tags for you.


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About My Tags

Post by LauraC on July 29th 2013, 4:36 pm

Arrow  The tags I make will be credited.  If you do not like credits on your tags, then my Forum (and tags) are not for you.

Exclamation  NEW ... Tags are made in Transparent PNG Format.  If you are unfamiliar with PNGs, there is a page on my Blog >READ THIS< with information and examples.  Please read before joining.  If your system can not save Transparent PNGs properly, please do not join as I only give out PNG format here.  Sorry.

Exclamation  Tags may not be modified in any way. 
They are your tags - however - my Credits are for the way I made the tag.

Exclamation  Absolutely do not insert into "Timeline Templates" for use on Facebook.   

Exclamation  "Tags" are not the same as Timeline Covers used on Facebook.  Tags are not designed to be Covers, neither are Forum Signature Sets.

Exclamation  Obvious differences are the Dimensions.

Exclamation  Timeline Covers have different Credit Requirements and/or TOU.  Also, if you 'squish' a Tag into a Cover, the original is distorted - more importantly, Credits and/or Name may be "cut off".

Arrow  Tags will be available for pickup from Photobucket.

Exclamation  You must save your tags to your computer, or to your Photobucket (or other storage media).

Exclamation   While in my Account, do not click on any of the "Social Sharing" options.  Also, do not copy and paste the URLs. 

IMHO this is a flaw in Photobucket's design.  My Account is not Public and the folders require a Password - however - if you click the Facebook icon, for example; "share" to your Wall it becomes public. Evil or Very Mad   Perhaps some day they will fix this.  (Maybe in Paid Accounts there is a choice - I don't know).

Exclamation  Anything I make for display in My Forum (screenshots, documents, etc.) is not to be shared or linked outside of my Forum.


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